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'After having bariatric surgery in 2018 and losing the desired amount of weight, I thought I’d be happy. NOT!!

Excess skin was a killer. But plastic surgery was for vein people, right? WRONG!!

After much research I had an appointment with Dr Lefter. She was delightful. She answered every question and concern. She made suggestions and gave clear advice on what was achievable. I had lots to think about.

Three months later, still fence sitting, but with many more question, I went back for another consultation. I’m sure Dr Lefter sees hundreds of patients, but when I saw her for the second time, she remembered me. She made me feel comfortable and reassured me that it’s ok to have reservations. She ensured that all my concerns were answered or validated.

I finally took the leap of faith and booked my surgery for an extended abdominoplasty on 18th April 2020, which gave me plenty of time to get my work and family organised for me to have the time off I would need to recover.

To start the process, I went for a visit to Kim at Balance Aesthetics MediSpa for a skin treatment – one of two planned before my surgery – which gave me the opportunity to meet another of Dr Lefter’s amazing team. The treatments Kim provided would give my skin the best preparation for it to heal well after the trauma it was about to go through. And a sneaky facial while I was there there left me floating on cloud nine.

What I didn’t prepare for was COVID 19, and the cancelling of all elective surgery from 1/4/20. My surgery would need to be postponed.

Knowing that I would see that as a sign not to proceed, Dr Lefter and her staff called me to see if I would be prepared to have my surgery done before the ban came into force. That gave me three days notice to get my act together.

A 6am call up to the hospital on a Sunday morning. Lying in the hospital bed ready to be wheeled to theatre, I was questioning myself as to whether this was what I was supposed to be doing. Surely it wasn’t too late to pull out?

Dr Alma, the anaesthesiologist, met me in pre-op,  and in her quiet confident manner assured me I was in the best of hands and not only did she promise me that I would wake up, but would wake up happy and healthy.

A little pair of red shoes made their way into the pre-op room and Dr Lefter’s smiling eyes behind her surgical mask put me further at ease. As she drew her guidelines on my tummy, she again assured me that this was the right decision and she would do her best work to give me the result I was wanting.

The operation was lengthy – about 5 hours – but when I woke up I felt fine. Not an ounce of pain.

Due to other underlying health problems, my recovery didn’t go quite to plan, but Dr Lefter was there every step of the way. As she instructed, on the mornings she wasn’t at the hospital, the nurses called her at 7.30am to report on my progress and Dr Lefter would phone me to discuss the plans moving forward. Her care for me was second to none.

When I first saw the results of what Dr Lefter achieved – bruising, swelling and all – I cried tears of joy. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect her to achieve what she managed to do. I am beyond thrilled with the outcome.

I am thankful for the professional and personal care that Dr Lefter gave me.

Dr Lefter – now just Mihaela, because she treats me like family and I think she is actually my fairy godmother- shares my excitement at the new version of me and the enthusiasm for life that my new body allows me.

I will continue to visit Kim at Balance Aesthetics MediSpa from time to time; for some (possibly) well deserved and very much enjoyable pampering sessions.

I am blessed that both of these ladies came into my life.'




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